Admittedly, I don’t particularly like competing. I’m certainly never going to dominate CrossFit and win dozens of medals (even at my age as a “Masters” athlete), but I try to sign up for a competition every 6 months anyway. It gives me a smaller set of specific things to work on and a timeline and deadline to do it.

Having a purpose makes me work a bit harder to increase my work capacity while at the gym too. Having something to work towards adds value to each minute spent at the gym, and these days, having a solid purpose and something to work towards each day is even more helpful!

The nerves that day will actually help you push a little harder and go a little faster than you think that you can. The adrenalin pumping, your friends cheering you on – it’s contagious! Athletes often surprise themselves with the things they can do on competition day.

It’s good to train specifically for something once or twice a year. Most of the in person local competitions have been postponed, but it looks like they will start coming back in some capacity soon. And there are some on line ones coming out and you can still train now for the competitions later in the year.

It’s nice to have a smaller set of movement goals to work on. There is a such a wide variety of movements in CrossFit, it’s nice to have a list and reason to work on some of your weaknesses. It’s good to have a deadline and a timeline. Humans work better that way. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone. Even if competing is not going to be your thing long term, it’s good push yourself in a variety of ways.

We all need to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Now go step out of your comfort zone – that is where all of the amazing growth happens! Register for the CrossFit Open now – there are options for all athletes (RX, Scaled, At Home, Adaptive, Teens, and Masters!)

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