Why the name Recursive? What does it mean?




characterized by recurrence or repetition, in particular.

Relating to or involving the repeated application of a rule, definition, or procedure to successive results.

Relating to or involving a program or routine of which a part requires the application of the whole, so that its explicit interpretation requires in general many successive executions.

Sometimes a problem is too difficult or too complex to solve because it is too big. If the problem can be broken down into smaller versions of itself, we may be able to find a way to solve one of these smaller versions and then be able to build up to a solution to the entire problem. Sounds simple and doable and a lot like what we aspire to do in CrossFit, right?

You have to take one step and then take another and then another. You have to learn to do one double under and then string two together and then three. You have to learn how to do one muscle up, and then two and so on.

At CrossFit Recursive we are here to guide you every step of your journey. Schedule your No Sweat Intro and see what sets us apart!

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