Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am 48 years old and have been doing some kind of athletics since high school. I joined CrossFit a couple of years ago to help build some extra strength and speed to my rowing. When I am not competing mostly in the sport of rowing, I work as a family physician delivering babies and providing primary care in a clinical, outpatient setting and am a mother of fourteen year old twins and the daughter of an aging parent for whom I try to show up for in big and small ways on a regular basis.

Why did you choose Recursive?
I came to CrossFit 4-5 years ago when my rowing team did some winter training at Recursive. I wanted to get stronger for racing and love the workouts Recursive provides.

What is your favorite thing about working out at Recursive?
The coaching. My form with lifting has dramatically improved and subsequently this has helped improve my rowing.

What was the biggest struggle you’ve had the last few months?
My life is busy and I have not had as much time to put into strength training as I would like.

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting your commitment to a lifestyle change?
Staying healthy and injury free as I age.

How has Recursive changed your life?
Feeling stronger and more confident with my lifts and body.

What advice do you have for people who are nervous to get started?
Take it at your own pace. The strength and speed comes with time.

What is something else fun you’d like to share about yourself?
I am just taking up salsa lessons again with my husband. I love dancing and enjoy the challenge of moving to the music and avoiding my partner’s toes!

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