You have surely noticed our Personal Record Bell hanging up at the gym. Inscribed on the bell is “Better Than Yesterday” and it symbolizes a whole smorgasbord of things. It represents celebrating and honoring your hard work, day in and out, days where you brought it, days where you didn’t want to go but showed up anyway, days where you were frustrated by where you were, days where you killed it and knew it, and everything in between.

It also represents strength of yourself and the strength of community, ringing that beast isn’t a small feat or a private ceremony, it is owning your dedication and it is shared amongst those fighting along side you, those who want the very best for you just as much as you do.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a single strike timid bell ringer or a farmhand chow time multi-striker or even a Thor’s hammer power ringer… what matters is you recognize what ringing that bell means to you and everyone else who hears it. It is purpose, community pride, tradition, and celebration. I, for one, LOVE to hear you ring ding dong ring a ding ding dong of that PR Bell!

So, keep track of those new personal records at home AND at the gym – I know we have a few and some great accomplishments to put on the Benchmark and Milestones Board too!

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