Nick has been with Recursive for 4 years now! He is part of our very dedicated 5:30am crew.

What was the biggest struggle you had before joining Recursive?
By far my biggest struggle before joining Recursive was consistency and intensity in workouts. I found it hard to maintain a regular workout schedule, and even when I did workout they tended to be WAY less intense than the Recursive ones.

What made you choose Recursive for your fitness needs/goals?
A big reason was convenience. Recursive is the closest Box to my apartment. However, before signing up I tried out several other area Boxes, and one thing was clear…Recursive had the best coaching staff. I appreciated their attention to form, and how they actively found ways to modify the workouts to your physical abilities while maintaining the appropriate intensity.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned at the gym?
It’s been a great reminder how important exercise really is to your day to day life. When I’m regularly working out I find that I have significantly more energy throughout the day, and able to stay focused longer on a single task at work.

What are you most proud of (so far)?
After a solid 9 months of not working out, I’m most proud of simply getting back in the gym regularly and not killing myself. It was definitely a humbling experience as weights and moves I could have easily performed in the past were out of reach. I’m proud of not letting my ego get in the way and quit because it was more difficult than before. I’m proud that I’ve focused on slowly building.

What’s your favorite gym memory?
As a videographer one of my favorite memories was being able to shoot and put together a Porsche video for the CrossFit Games. I also really like the strong sense of community with the 5:30 crew. It makes getting up in the mornings much more enjoyable.

What do you hope to accomplish next?
Muscle-ups. I’ve been close for awhile now but haven’t been able to check it off the list yet.

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