Tony has been a member at Recursive for almost as long as it has been open! This month we had to sadly say good-bye as he moved out of state. He always showed up, no matter the workout, and gave it his all. We have many great memories with Tony!

Why did you choose Recursive?
I was introduced to the Crossfit workouts and box atmosphere in NYC before moving to Madison in 2013. I was working across the street from Recursive when they decided to move in and patiently awaited their grand opening. Initially I chose Recursive for the location, but remained over the years due to their wonderful approach to coaching, excellent workouts and friendly environment.

What is your favorite thing about working out at Recursive?
I always know I’m going to get my butt kicked during the workouts, learn something new and leave feeling better than when I walked in, both mentally and physically. I’ve always felt very comfortable at Recursive, both with other gym members and the coaches. Really simple things, but Recursive nails them and inspires you to come back the next day (or after 2 or 3 in my case sometimes, ha)

What was the biggest struggle you’ve had the last few months?
Obviously the pandemic has been wreaking havoc across the world. During all this, maintaining physical and mental health has been difficult at times and I imagine so many others have been struggling as well. Trying not to get lost in the deluge of seemingly constant negative news, figuring out the next steps after losing my job, planning for an unstable future….all of this has been a struggle at times the last few months.

What is your biggest accomplishment in the last month?
Getting back into some kind of a fitness routine. Getting back into the gym was very important for me. I find that if a simple physical baseline of exercise and exertion is met, all of the other worldly concerns and pressures are much easier to deal with.  That and I finished a fence project with a friend of mine that ended up being over 500ft long.

What advice do you have for people who are nervous to get started?
Take the plunge!  Don’t take yourself too seriously and smile, you’ll find it’s infectious and you’ll get to know other members and coaches faster. Ask lots and lots of questions. Understanding why you are doing a certain exercise helps internalize the muscle memory and increases the benefit I think. Triple check with your coaches that you are doing the movements correctly.  Don’t be intimidated by people that can lift more or run faster, everyone starts their experience somewhere and has different fitness goals, but do push yourself. Keep a journal, it’s really fun to compare certain workouts with what you did in the past.   Keep this in mind and you will always leave class on a high note.

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