Hannah has been a member at Recursive since March 2018. You will see her in classes always with a smile and always working hard. We are so glad to have Hannah in our community!

Biggest struggle before joining Recursive.
I was feeling uninspired by other gym options. Although I’ve always stayed pretty active, I felt like I was far from my strength and fitness level as a college varsity rugby player years ago. Worries about body image seemed to be in the back of my mind every day. Since joining, it’s been so empowering to get past those barriers!

What made me choose Recursive.
My partner convinced me to give CrossFit a try. I initially chose Recursive due to the location – it’s just a few blocks from my house! I was also happy right away with the friendly gym community.

What’s the most important thing I’ve learned at the gym.
You can keep getting better and stronger, even if you have an off day or you don’t feel as young as you used to. Keep showing up and measure your progress over weeks or months, not days.

What I’m most proud of so far.
Probably getting 24 double unders in a row during the CrossFit Open 20.2 workout. Previously, I’d been lucky to get a set of 5 or 10, and suddenly something clicked! I hadn’t even tried double unders when I started at Recursive two years ago.

Favorite gym memory.
Participating in the Open for the first time in March 2019. I was inspired to push harder towards tough gymnastics movements and heavier weights, and it was so fun to cheer people on!

What I hope to accomplish next.
Handstand walks. I’m working on it!

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