Dan came to Recursive through our 6 WeeK Intro to Fitness and Nutrition Program. He continues with weekly Personal Training and group CrossFit classes. He has made so much progress during the past year at the gym!

What was the biggest struggle you had before signing up for the 6 Week Intro?
Where should I start? Probably the biggest struggle centered on setting goals. I’d set unrealistic goals and get depressed when I could not live up to them. I’d also get discouraged when I hit a plateau & I wasn’t sure how to overcome it. I get the feeling that those are common struggles. I also used to set calorie goals for a workout. I found myself doing the same workouts on the same pieces of equipment because I knew what burned the most calories– at least according to the equipment that I was on. (No wonder I hit plateaus!)

What made you choose Recursive for your fitness and nutrition needs/goals?
I did quite a bit of research. I didn’t know anybody at Recursive but I asked a couple of friends who are CrossFit athletes what they thought. While they live in the ‘burbs, they had heard good things about Recursive – so the word was out. I also did a bit of online research. Finally, it was evident early on that Nikole and Dirk have made community a priority & they have assembled a group of amazing coaches (and members).

What is the biggest thing you learned during those initial 6 weeks at the gym?
I’ve learned a couple of things that are big to me: It’s cliche, but it’s true that you are only competing with yourself. Every athlete is challenged – whatever the weight or the number of reps completed. I also learned that it is OK to be imperfect. That’s difficult for perfectionists (like me) to understand – but once I did understand, I was able to assess my strengths and weaknesses honestly – and to consistently improve both.

What are you most proud of so far?
I’ve proud that I’ve learned so much. I have done so many things that I never thought that I could do. Again, I am thankful for the coaches and all that they have taught – and continue to teach – me. I am also thankful for the coaches & members for cheering me on.

What’s your favorite gym memory so far?
I remember a conversation with Dirk & Nikole. Dirk asked me how classes were going. I was a newbie and said that I felt intimidated, but that was a feeling I had put on myself. Everyone at the box was kind and encouraging. To paraphrase Nikole’s response: if anyone bullied or intimidated me, she’d help me find a new gym/box. Going back to the second question, community is a priority. It starts at the top and permeates the Recursive culture. 

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