Private Room Reservations for your group!
Do you need to keep your group safe? Does our class schedule not work for you? Are you looking to do programming from your home gym?

We are offering the option to reserve a private workout space for your group for $275/hour. 

Reserve a room at Recursive for an hour for your own private group! Includes a Coach, full class plan/programming, and beverage or protein single for each person. You can choose to use the space for Open Gym (at same price) if you would like.

You must reserve and pay for your space at least 24 hours in advance. No walk-ins allowed.  One person will be the contact person for your group, they will be in charge of booking your time, paying for your space, and communicating any special requests.

Contact us if you have any special requests or a special group (any size) that you would like to bring in. We will do our best to accommodate you!

Available Equipment
Pull Up Rig, 4 Squat Stations, 2 Sets of Muscle Up Rings, 2 Sleds, Easy access to bike path for running

Optional Equipment
Subject to availability.
Barbells/Plates/Clips, Kettlebells, Sand Bags, Jump Ropes, Dumbbells, Ski Ergs, Rowers, Assault Bikes, Wall Balls, Boxes, Slam Balls

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