Other gyms are not our competition.

The idea of competition in business is a divisive issue among CrossFit Affiliates. Some insist that other Affiliates are not their competition. Others fight with each other tooth and nail for each client, undercutting and bad mouthing each other until nobody wins.

This is unfortunate because I believe that other CrossFit affiliates are not the competition.

The couch is our competition.
Diabetes is our competition.
Sedentary lifestyles are our competition.
Obesity is our competition.
Poor health is our competition.
Decrepitude is our competition.
Running on a treadmill for hours a week with no effect is our competition.
Countless bicep curls for no progress is our competition.

The world is full of reasons for people not to work out. THAT is our competition. That is really what I am fighting against. Everyone may have plenty of reasons not to work out, but there are even more urgent and compelling reasons for people to be working out.

We as a CrossFit community are much better equipped to lead a health revolution in this world than any of us as individuals. Our goal at CrossFit Recursive Fitness & Nutrition is to help people live a healthier and fuller life. If that happens to be at our gym, great! If it happens to be at a neighboring box, that’s great too! At least we made a difference…together.

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