CrossFitters, in particular, are not known to love running. We obviously have some really great runners at the gym. We even have a lot of people that use CrossFit as cross-training for running events. But whenever the 5k Run shows up as the workout of the day, attendance drops.

But, now might be a really good time to learn to love running – either outside (maybe even enjoy some trails) or inside on a treadmill. Usually in spring there are a lot of 5K fun runs and events, but this year you might have to find a virtual one or dig deep and go out and run it by yourself! I have seen some fun ones though – so be sure to do a quick search to see what in person runs are out there as well as what kind of fun virtual runs you can do!

Running is a great way to get your heart rate and breathing up and lock it into a rhythm for awhile. It’s a great stress reliever. (Which we all could use right now.) It’s a great time to practice mindfulness. It’s a great chance to push yourself a little harder and learn to work through the suck.

Many times when we run as part of the workout, we run shorter distances. Maybe a mile, but not often do we task ourselves with anything longer than that. Running can be good for you. It’s why it is the most repeated workout on the CrossFit main site!

Check out the Virtual Crazy Legs this year!

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