It has certainly been a crazy few months and an even more difficult last few weeks. This current global pandemic, elections, and nationwide protests for change has turned the world upside down. It has affected all industries and will force businesses to make changes for the long term.

The fitness industry is no different. And the fitness industry is now more important than ever.

“Fitness centers are needed now more than ever to help us stay active and maintain a healthy immune system,” said Robert Sallis, M.D. with Kaiser Permanente. “COVID-19 risk factors haven’t changed since the pandemic began – obesity, heart disease, lung disease and diabetes put you at much higher risk for both short- and long-term complications. It’s imperative that we all make real change now to stay healthy given that exercise is an essential part of life.”

Working out is important. It always has been. And data is showing that maintaining a healthy weight, lowering blood pressure, and keeping blood sugar in check is important for a healthy immune system – which is what will help prevent and fight off COVID.

Access to fitness centers is key to keeping Americans healthy. Physical activity plays an important role in not only maintaining a healthy immune system, but reducing COVID-19 risk factors such as obesity, heart disease, lung disease and diabetes.”

And for the first time in history, we have seen a shortage of exercise equipment (that is still going on). And if you are lucky enough to get equipment, you are surely paying 3-4 times more than you would have at the beginning of the year. Even people that rarely would lift weights were running to the stores to get all sorts of weights, gimmicks and gadgets delivered to their homes.

We have always operated on a Good, Better, Best mentality, and I hope that with this increase in home gym equipment it means that they will get used and not just thrown to the side to collect dust and laundry.

This pandemic has exposed a health crisis in America that has only gotten worse in the last 40 years. There is A LOT of noise and so-called experts in this industry. How many free workout programs were you offered over the last few months?

The population of the United States does not lack access to gyms (or means to exercise.) Even access to healthier food is available to the majority of Americans, if we are willing to prepare and consume it.

HOWEVER, our 10 years of Coaching experience has proven that what we do lack is discipline and accountability in making our health a priority. It’s costing people financially – in doctor’s visits, medications, and hospital stays. It’s also robbing people of our most precious asset – TIME. Having more time enjoying friends and family.

Michael Jordan had a coach. Tiger Woods had a coach. Tom Brady had a coach. Michael Phelps had a coach. Musicians have coaches. Entrepreneurs have coaches.

A great coach isn’t someone that’s just going to smile and nod. A great coach is going to teach you how to do better and hold you accountable when times are tough. A great coach is not your friend. Some of our friends enable our poor choices and behaviors.

Our business does not sell access to gym equipment or a place to exercise. We sell you on our expertise in movement, exercise, strength training, and nutrition. We sell you on our ability to add years to your life and life to your years. We strive to help you alleviate your daily home and work stresses.

The challenges of this past year have helped us get better at our business. It forced businesses to adapt or die. We didn’t die. We grew.  Not in revenue, but in our ability to help people no matter where they live. Our ability to help you is no longer limited by our physical location.  Due to this pandemic, our members didn’t have access to our physical location, but the coaching didn’t stop. Not even for a day. And now we have the infrastructure to help even more with systems set up to deliver Remote Coaching and Personal Training (both virtually and safely in the gym.)

I hope this crisis is the slap in the face many Americans needed to take care of themselves and make their health a priority.

If you’re ready, we’re here to help.

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