The world changed a lot in 2020, and so did the fitness industry.

Last week we raised a glass and bid farewell to 2020. Since then, we’ve done some reflecting. We’d first like to say thank you to everyone who pivoted with us last year. We had to adapt fast to make sure our clients always got what they needed in a chaotic time. We know all our members are dealing with life and job stress related to the pandemic, but your commitment to health and fitness continually inspires us.

As we bring some of our struggles into this year, it would be very easy to stop working out right now or to reach for comfort foods every single day. But our members have repeatedly demonstrated that a healthy lifestyle can’t be derailed. For that, your Coaches applaud you.

Sure, you might have missed a workout because life gets in the way. Or maybe you hit the drive-thru after a crazy day when you literally didn’t have a second to spare. But those were just off days, and you got back on track.

Your will power and resilience fuel us, and we’ve spent most of 2020 upgrading our business so we can give you the very best service every single day.

That won’t change as the calendar has rolled over into 2021. Whatever this New Year brings, we’re ready for it, and you can count on us to continue to be a lighthouse for you. The last year was the toughest one in the history of the fitness industry, but we made it through – and the fight only made us better. We’ll continue to improve every day in 2021!

To those that weren’t able to stick with us over the past year, know that we understand that tough choices had to be made. Also know that we miss you and gladly welcome you back when the time is right for you. No shame, no embarrassment. No need to justify your choices. We are here to help you. Our community is excited to have you at the gym again. Just let us know the best way to help you get started – in person, virtually, remote coaching, group classes, or personal training. We want to help you with your health and fitness.

To those whom we haven’t met quite yet, know that we are ready when you are. Our facility is safe. We follow all of the safety procedures (and more.) We invite you to come and check us out. We have a variety of programs available to fit your needs, time, and budget. We’d like to meet you and discuss what will work best for you.

For everyone in the Recursive circle of influence, we leave you with some eating tips you can use to get and stay on track with nutrition in this new year.

New Year Eating Tips
On days when you’ll crush a huge family feast, eat a bit lighter earlier in the day, then don’t sweat a few extra bites at the big meal. It’s more important to be generally consistent with healthy eating than absolutely rigid at all times.

Eat well around the epic meals. If you know you have a big meal planned, try to balance it with healthy, nutritious meals on the “off days.” Eat lots of veggies and lean cuts of meat, and try to limit sugary snacks.

Be moderate with alcohol—especially sugary drinks. It can be easy to fall into a chair by the fire and guzzle delicious beverages, but binge drinking and overeating can do some damage. Enjoy yourself in moderation. Need motivation to do so? Schedule a workout for the next morning and you’ll have a reason to keep the booze in check.

Make veggies a part of the big meals! You can absolutely enjoy the best of every season, but so many healthy options are truly delicious. If there’s at least one healthy item on the table, that’s a huge win. Look up some recipes and perhaps you’ll discover a nutritious dish that will be a new holiday favorite.

Again, thank you for being part of our community. Be well, stay safe, and continue to enjoy some very special time with the people you love, even if it’s online. Then let’s get after crushing those goals in 2021!

P.S. If you’ve fallen off track this year, book an appointment to talk to us. We’d love to find out about your challenges and give you a plan to overcome them.

Thank you so much for your dedication and confidence in us. We can’t wait to hit 2021 with momentum!

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