Murph Prep
2 x 400 Meter Run on a 5:00 Center (i.e. if it takes you 2:00 to complete you get 3:00 rest)
12:00 AMRAP
15 Goblet Squats (Kettlebell or Dumbbell)
10 Hand Release Push Ups
5 Strict Pull Ups
2:00 Rest
2 x 400 Meter Run on a 5:00 Center

Purpose of the Workout:
Today’s Murph preparation will consist of two different parts. The first part will be 400 meter (¼ mile) interval runs. We will have 5:00 to complete each one. This means that the faster you finish, the more rest you will essentially have. The purpose of these is to dedicate some time just to running and to integrate in some speed work before the big day.

The second part of the workout is a strength biased version of “Cindy.” We will be doing weighted squats instead of air squats, hand release push ups instead of regular push ups, and strict pull ups/ ring rows instead of kipping pull ups. The objective here is to work on more of the strength component to each of the movements in Murph.

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