Over my years of coaching athletes from all different backgrounds and at different gyms I’ve noticed a disappointing trend regarding the support those athletes experience from their loved ones. You’ve probably seen it (and maybe even experienced it) before too.

You’re that one family member who decides enough is enough, “I need a change”. You’re that person who finally decides to stop eating at McDonalds and sitting on the couch every day. You have a friend or see an ad that drives you to start a fitness routine and begin a journey towards a fitter, healthier self.

The twist is that your closest loved one (typically someone who lives with you, like a spouse) is completely non-supportive of your decision. They’re the person who is almost completely absent from your decision to make a healthy change in your life.

I sometimes hear from this new clients, “Oh, yes, Jimmy thinks that “XYZ” fitness program is stupid.  He usually makes fun of me when I try and tell him about how much I love working out.”

How sad and difficult is that for you? You are trying to make a positive change in their life, meanwhile the other is knowingly (or unknowingly) sabotaging your success.

Whatever their reasoning for not believing in your new-found passion in fitness, it certainly has a negative affect on your journey. They make it difficult for you to make it to classes, share your love for something new, and add unnecessary stresses to the whole process. And, usually it’s not even about the money being spent, it’s usually jealously-driven.

I’ve see this so many times, and for so many reasons I am seriously saddened by it. I recognize that I am so lucky to have a supportive spouse who enjoys the same passion for fitness that I do.

I want everyone who steps through the doors of Recursive to know that within my walls (virtually or in person), YOU ARE LOVED. Your passion to make a change in your life is celebrated here. There is nothing more inspiring then trying to make that change and you should have all the support you need.

I want you at the gym, we love having you there, and if there’s ever a time you just need to get away and be somewhere safe, then you don’t hesitate and come directly to Recursive.

Take a shower, have a cup of coffee, watch a show or movie, or bust your ass doing a workout. We will be the support you might be missing in your life. At Recursive, you are loved.

Don’t let anyone hold you back from your passion, especially if it drives you to be a healthier, fitter you!

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