Sure, you could easily spend $10 a month and have 24 access to gym equipment at a facility near you. But why do people choose to spend more on a CrossFit gym membership?

CrossFit gyms are not in the business of selling access to equipment, we are providing value through the coaching and the community. You just aren’t going to go to a 24 hour globo gym and make friends the way you do at a CrossFit gym. You don’t come to a CrossFit gym, put on head phones and isolate yourself while you do your sets of reps. Suffering through a tough workout is a very bonding experience for people.

People like the known. We like to be comfortable. If left to my own devices, it is very unlikely that I am going to tackle a workout or movements that I am not good at or don’t like doing. Having someone else tell you what to do ensures that you are going to be a more well-rounded athlete.

I also am not going to push myself as hard as I could if I was working out alone. There is definitely something to be said for having people around you doing the same workout. I am going to push myself a little harder knowing that my gym friends are right there next to me. A Coach is certainly going to help push you out of your comfort zone too, and that my friends, is where all of our personal growth happens!

Even if I finish last, those same gym friends are going to be cheering me on and pushing me to finish as strong as I can. You just don’t get that working out alone or in a building with other random people doing random exercises. In fact, if you tried to cheer other people on at a globo-gym they would probably kick you out!

You get coaching expertise. You have coaches that know what you are working on and the best way to make sure you are moving correctly to avoid injury. They also know how to coach you to make sure you are being efficient and getting the full range of motion. Sure, those other gyms have mirrors, but have you ever tried to clean a barbell while checking your form in the mirror? Doesn’t work real well…

CrossFit gyms program with your long term health and goals in mind. Maybe we have an easier day one day because we want to optimize recovery time. We’re not just randomly choosing workouts we find online and throwing them together. We have a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and even life-time plans!

The old cliche, “You get what you pay for” is certainly true when choosing a gym. You could pay less and go someplace else, but the value is just not there. At a CrossFit gym you aren’t paying for access to equipment, you are valuing your health, your safety, your progress, your time, your money, and the community that you develop. Thank you for valuing yourself enough to invest in your well-being!

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