A few weeks ago I saw that Reebok was launching a limited edition Wonder Woman Nano X shoe. Before I really looked into what they looked like or what they cost, I ordered a pair. I then texted my kids to let them know that “they” just bought me new shoes for Christmas. My son replied “Perfect. I’m great at gift giving. I’ll wrap them when they come in. Can I have the box?”

So, the shoes did arrive and the kids looked at them and wrapped them. I did wait until Christmas to open them and have been wearing them this week.

Now, these shoes are great for a wide variety of reasons. Let’s first talk about the fact that they are freaking WONDER WOMAN shoes! As a little girl growing up in the 80s, there weren’t a lot of great female heroes to worship. I was an only child for almost 10 years and my mom was a single parent for a lot of those. I looked up to her of course, but it was nice to have a superhero to pretend to be when playing outside with all the other neighbor kids.

For several years for Halloween I even dressed up as Wonder Woman. Are you old enough to remember the plastic suits with the plastic mask and the little piece of elastic that always broke? I can even remember the box it all came in.

Wonder Woman was important to me. It was important to have a female role model in those formative years.

Now, let’s talk about the fact that this fictional female character has her own shoe – with a company that is known for cultivating some of the toughest people on the planet. That is also highly significant. How many females get their own shoes? How many fictional characters get their own shoe?

The shoes themselves are everything Wonder Woman. If you don’t appreciate her, you won’t appreciate the colors and details that went into these shoes. (And that is OK.)

You have the classic red, white, and blue. You have the gold accents. You have the stars. And then the details are amazing. The Wonder Woman logo on the back of the shoe. The gold accents are even iridescent! Even the box they came in was amazing with old comics printed on it.

Then, you have the insoles which are classic Wonder Woman comics. And the words “There is no stopping us now.” is printed around the last shoelace hole.

As far as the shoe goes, they are very comfortable. I have a LOT of workout shoes. And these just might be my new favorite pair. They are a bit more solid and stable than Nanos of the past. They seem to have more cushioning around the heel. They are a bit heavier and bulkier, but I think that is OK for what that gives you.

I really like that the lace holes are all hidden in this pair of shoes and that the laces are round and not flat. Minor detail, but I struggled with other pairs of shoes coming untied during a workout. These new round ones (red with gold flecks) seem to hold much better.

My only “issue” with these new Nano Xs is the sizing. I have many other pairs of Reebok Nanos and I always get a Men’s 10.5 (Women’s 12). This is the first pair where I wish I had gotten a half size bigger.

Overall, I love these shoes. I love the way they feel when I workout. I love the way they make me feel about my childhood. I love what they stand for.

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