Sunday FUNDay!
20:00 Skill Work
(Pick a skill or lift and spend 20:00 practicing it with coach guidance)

For Time
1,000 Meter Ski-Erg

Purpose of the Workout:
The purpose of today’s WOD is twofold;

  • Allow you to pick a movement or two you would like to practice
  • Not get you sore before tomorrow’s Murph!

The first 20:00 will be dedicated to picking a movement or skill that you would like to refine your skills at. The coach will be there to give you tips/drill to get better at whatever you choose!

The second part of our WOD today is a 1,000 meter ski erg time trial. Before giving this a shot, the coach will go over technique and give you a chance to practice before seeing how fast you can cover 1,000 meters!

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