Sunday FUNDay!
Murph Extra Credit
From 0:00-12:00 Run 1 Mile For Time
From 12:00-32:00 Death By Pull Ups & Push Ups
*Minute 1=1 Pull up + 1 Push up; Minute 2=2 Pull Ups + 2 Push Ups Etc…
**Weight vest optional

Purpose of the Workout:
The purpose of today’s Sunday FUNDay is to provide some more Murph Prep for those of you that just can’t get enough of it (or if you missed Wednesday)! Today will begin with a 1 mile run for time followed by “Death By” pull ups and push ups. This will be great training to know our pace while running and also work on our stamina when it comes to performing high repetitions of the pull ups and push ups.

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