These 6 weeks of rowing (erging) will cater to CrossFitters and maintain the integrity of the rowing stroke. We’ll teach the technical basics of erging that will help athletes see improved performance – scores and consistency. 

We’ll also give info about how to use the ergs to their fullest (in terms of the machines and their monitors as well as athlete’s bodies.) You’ll also learn a bit about rowing and rowing vocabulary!

Each class will start with a different “skill & drill,” to either introduce or review a component of rowing technique, and ending with a workout that’s a different style each week (for time, for distance, intervals, etc.) The objective of this rowing program is measurable improvement over the course of 6 weeks!

Classes will be 60 minutes long and meet on Tuesdays at 6:15pm. The next 6 Week Session starts this summer 2022! Stay tuned for more information and exact dates.

Cost is $99 for current Recursive members and $129 for Non-Members. There is a limit of 8 spots.

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