LINE DRILLS (25’ down w/ light jog back to the start)
200m Jog
25’ Walking Knee Hug
25’ Walking Figure-4 Stretch
25’ Quad Stretch
25’ Toy Soldier Kicks
25’ Butt Kickers
25’ High Knees
25’ Power Skip
200m Jog

Deck of Death
In teams of 3-4
Grab a deck of cards and shuffle them real good! Keep the Jokers in the deck.
Everyone must complete the movements/reps before flipping the next card.
The number on the card is the number of reps you’ll do of that movement. Face cards are 10, Aces are 1.
Lunges are per leg. Example: 3 of Diamonds you would do 3 lunges per side = 6 total lunges.

Suits are as follows:
Clubs – Sit Ups
Diamonds – Lunges
Spades – Burpees
Hearts – Air Squats
Jokers – 400m Run

Max Plank Holds
Start on a side plank, hold as long as you can. Then immediately go to the other side. Finish with a front plank. Can be done on hands or elbows.

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