What is Rucking?

RUCK•ING [VERB] Carrying a weighted pack on your back. It implies action, energy, and purpose.

Rucking is the foundation of Special Forces training. Green Berets are well versed in shouldering heavy rucks through cities, mountains, jungles and deserts, in war and in peace — alone when they must, together whenever possible. Rucking requires strength, endurance, and character — and builds it, too.

Note: Hiking is rucking in the mountains, urban hiking is simply called rucking. Rucking can be done at any weight.



Why Ruck?
Most people have never heard of rucking, but it’s been used by the military for hundreds of years. Soldiers march on rugged terrain with their rucksacks (military term for a backpack), which are made heavy by the gear inside. The weighted backpack gives a great aerobic workout while simultaneously providing a solid strength training workout.

Carrying a heavy rucksack builds muscles, particularly your shoulders, core, and back. This will improve your overall posture and prevent (and relieve) back pain. You can also burn more calories (and shed fat) faster than walking with the weighted backpack AND get the same benefits as running with LESS risk of injury.

What do I need to start?
Just you! If you have a backpack and weight, cool. If not, we can lend you something. We can get you some other heavy, odd objects to carry (we call them coupons) like sandbags, kettlebells, weight plates, water jugs, buckets, logs. Whatever we can find!

When can I Ruck!??!
We hold organized rucks at least once a month (more with good weather) but rucking is a year round event – even in cold weather! The tougher the conditions, the more you will learn about yourself. Stay up to date on events by liking our Facebook Page. Interested in a ruck on other dates? Send us a message and we would be happy to join you!

Contact Us
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