With the holidays approaching, we get a lot of Visitors and Guests. We also have a lot of members that travel to other gyms. Now is a good time to remind everyone of our Gym Rules. And as our Recursive members travel to other gyms, to be aware of their Gym Rules as well. Let’s all be grateful guests!

Introduce yourself to everyone you don’t know.
It was everyone’s first day once. Make new people feel welcome and get to know those you haven’t met before. Help guests find their away around the gym. Make everyone that comes through the door feel like part of our Recursive family.

Arrive on time.
We all have places to go, people to see and jobs to do. If you arrive to class a few minutes late, expect to have to catch up on your own. If you arrive too late, you may be asked to wait until the next class. Warm-ups are a very important part of what we do since your body needs to be prepped in order to handle the intense workout. This helps keep you safe and shows respect to those around you.

After your class, exit the workout floor.
Once one class ends, another immediately begins. While we encourage you to hang out with your fellow CrossFitters after class, please do so in our dedicated community areas so the next class can start right away. If class does happen to be running over on time help the previous athletes clean up.

Please respect those that are in the middle of their workouts.
Cheer for them and encourage them! If you arrive early through the back door, be careful not to disrupt anyone’s routine when crossing the gym floor. Focus allows our athletes to push harder and encourages them to return the favor when you’re up!

Wait until everyone has finished before you put your equipment away.
We start our warm-ups together and end our workouts together. Leave your equipment where it is so you don’t disrupt other people who have yet to finish. Once you’re done, cheer on the people around you instead. Once everyone has completed their workout, the Coach will instruct athletes to clean up.

Don’t cheat your reps or your movements.
Put in an honest workout every time you’re here. Performing sloppy or incomplete movements will only set you back and put you at risk for injury. Even if you have to modify the movements, you are getting in a great workout, gaining strength and improving. No one cares if you were first or last, they care that you put in the work and gave it your all.

Wear workout shoes.
When you enter the building, place your street shoes in one of our dedicated cubbies and change into the shoes you’ll be working out in. Fresh kicks help keep our space clear of snow, salt, water and mud from the streets so you’re not getting a face full of dirt during push-ups.

Place your bags and clothes in a cubbie.
Store your items to keep the gym area free from tripping hazards. Cubbies are unsupervised so please use them at your own risk. CrossFit Recursive cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Clean up after yourself.
We’ll go through a lot together. We’ll share pain and suffering, grueling workouts, personal records and athletic achievements. We might even shed a few group tears. We do not, however, want to share blood, sweat and other bodily fluids. If you sweat a lot, wipe the floor. If you use a lot of chalk on a bar, wipe it down. If your hands tear and you bleed on something, please wipe it up. You will appreciate starting with clean equipment and so will the person who uses the equipment after you.

Feel free to get loud.
What we do in here can be intense. Laugh, cry, grunt, scream and swear if you need to get it out. It’s TOTALLY cool. Just please be respectful and be extra mindful when there are children on site.

Know that the language and music might be inappropriate for children.
We consider it a huge privilege to have space available so parents can bring their kids with them while they workout. There are dedicated spaces for both younger and older children while you workout, but we can’t guarantee they won’t learn a new word or two while they’re in the building.

Our number one goal is everyone’s safety while at the gym.
So please, as much as we love pets, leave them at home. Kids are welcome – it’s so great for them to see you working hard towards your goals – we even have a dedicated play space for them upstairs! Your kids are also welcome to hang out on the barstools by the counter, or on the comfy couches in the front. We can’t have kids wandering around the building or playing on any of the equipment. Kids MUST stay off of the black workout mats at all times, Again, your kids are precious and we would hate for them to get hurt.

We hope that the hour spent at Recursive is the best hour of your day!

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