It seems like it just started, but we are actually well into 2022 already!

At Recursive, we hold our annual planning meeting in December, to firstly review the year that’s been, and plan for the one to come. Part of this planning process sees us setting some goals, be it individually, as a coaching group, and as a business.

No matter the goals you have, the first place we start is ACCOUNTABILITY.

You can set the greatest goals the world has ever seen, but without accountability, they’re just like the dreams you had last night. Many feel that accountability comes from sharing with another or from telling the world about what you’re about to attempt (and achieve!)

For us, accountability starts with YOU! You’ve got to first hold yourself accountable before relying on others to do so. Outside sources of accountability are great, but if you’re not accountable to yourself, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Sure, yes, it’s fine to tell your best friend you aim to lose 15 pounds by winter, and hopefully, she will encourage you and add her support, but it’s not up to HER for you to lose weight – only you can do it.

It’s not very effective when you are accountable to someone else to reach your goals. Sure, you’ll go to the gym because your trainer is waiting, and you’ll order the oven baked chicken breast salad at lunch because your friend – who knows you’re trying to lose 15 pounds by winter – is giving you the evil eye.

What happens, however, when your trainer and friend aren’t around? What happens when it’s midnight and everyone else in your house is asleep and you’ve had a crap day and are looking at the pint of Ben and Jerry’s in the fridge? Who’s going to stop you from eating the entire thing? Your trainer? Friend?

Nope – You are. It HAS to be you.

You are the only person who can hold yourself accountable at that crucial moment in time, and believe me, life is full of those moments – so you had better get good at personal accountability.

In other words, real motivation MUST come from WITHIN!

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