This is for the unsung hero of the gym. The person who struggles to master, or sometimes even do, a movement.

Maybe they are fighting some mobility issues or poor body mechanics. Maybe this movement is just difficult for them. They work on it anyway. They insist on doing the movement well. They stick to the basics and work on learning the movement one difficult step at a time. They put in the work.

Around them there are people moving faster and getting more done but they are letting their form slip. Their focus on technique and consistency is non existent. They may be getting work done but it isn’t good work. They are risking injury just to be able to finish quickly.

They value perceived progress over actually mastering a skill. They think just because they are out of breath and sweaty that they must have gotten a good workout. Don’t be the second person. Be the first one. This is for that person.

I see you working hard to complete good reps despite the difficulty.  Your hard work will pay off. I promise. I am proud of you!

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