Mindfulness/Mentality Workshop

Recursive’s Mindfulness/Mentality Workshop!

Have you ever looked up at the wall clock and seen the numbers flash by at the start of a workout 3..2..1..and had that icky feeling in your gut? Has your brain ever tried telling you that what you are about to do is just too hard and you aren’t strong enough, or fast enough, or good enough? Ever feel like your body can far outlast those voices in your head saying it’s too hard and you should quit? You’re a CrossFitter…of course you have!

Increase performance through intention. The practice of mindfulness increases the quality of experience we bring to our daily lives (not just workouts.)

This workshop will focus on using mindfulness to decrease stress, increase performance and improve overall life quality.

The first session will start just in time for the CrossFit Games Open workouts – take advantage of getting that competitive mental edge.

You are welcomed and encouraged to take this class for more than 1 session. Your athletic abilities and mental challenges will constantly change as we you grow as an athlete. Mindfulness is something you can and should continually work on.

Classes will meet Sunday evenings starting January 31st – what a fantastic way to start your busy week!

Cost for the class is $100 for 4 weeks
Cost with a regular monthly Membership is $50 for 4 weeks

Class Times:
Sunday 6:00pm


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