Jenn has been doing an amazing job at the gym – especially throughout this pandemic! She has taken control of her health and fitness and has lost 40 pounds (so far!) and was able to get off of her blood pressure meds. We are so proud of you Jenn!

Why did you choose Recursive?
My wife Erika, has been a member for years. I had been as well, a few years ago and ended up having surgery and didn’t return. Unfortunately, I was not yet ready to commit to a lifestyle change.

What is your favorite thing about working out at Recursive?
Working out with Erika. It’s a very cool part of our relationship, working out together. We are either at the gym or at home working out 6 days a week. She pushes me to work out on days that I don’t want to, and has been an amazing support in all ways during the last 9 months.

What was the biggest struggle you’ve had the last few months?
Working out in a mask, I just can’t seem to get used to it. This has resulted in more at home workouts than at the gym.

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting your commitment to a lifestyle change?
I started at Recursive in January, and then began Intermittent Fasting (by Doctors request) in February. Within 6 weeks of beginning intermittent fasting, I had lost weight, and more importantly – was taken off of Blood Pressure medication. I am committed to my lifestyle change, and have become a better version of me. I continue to have amazing results when my blood pressure is checked, and have lost almost 40 pounds so far. My energy is amazing and I have a found a new happiness within myself.

How has Recursive changed your life?
Returning to the gym after it was closed for COVID helped create a sense of “normal” in my life. 4:30pm quickly became the constant that is not only a great stress reliever, but also a time that I could clear my head of everything happening in the Country. Classes are small, and safe, and there is usually a few minutes of catching up and laughing at something when we arrive…then we lift stuff. 100% of the time, I leave feeling more relaxed and my spirits are higher (and usually already sore in some area of my body, LOL).

What advice do you have for people who are nervous to get started?
Leave all nerves at the door. The community is welcoming to members of all levels, and supportive of members growth. It is not a gym where people are jealous if somebody does better than them, they use it as a fun challenge – to beat them next time.

What is something else fun you’d like to share about yourself?
Erika follows a Vegan diet, so it has been wicked fun experimenting with our Sunday food prep! We have made some amazing meals (fooling around with spices has been the key), which in turn has reduced my meat intake – which has helped my health as well!

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