This spring Jeanine started at Recursive through our 6 Week Intro to Fitness and Nutrition Program. She has worked hard the last 9 months and it really shows each week when she consistently shows up for the noon class!

What was the biggest struggle you had before joining Recursive?
I had been recovering from some medical issues. I was unsure if and when I would have flair ups, and how that would affect me being able to make it to classes. I decided to just go for it, and sign up for the 6 weeks and see how it goes. I’m glad I did!

What made you choose Recursive for your fitness needs/goals?
I had been doing bootcamp for over a year. I felt like I had hit a plateau. I needed more of a challenge. I wanted to gain more muscle and get stronger. I wanted to lift, I wanted to climb ropes, do handstands, etc… I knew this wasn’t something I could do by joining a “Big Box” gym. I wanted to safely learn the movements. I like being coached and the class setting. Plus Recursive has a noon class, which works best for my work schedule.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned at the gym?
I am stronger than I think I am! Sometimes I doubt myself. On occasion the coaches and even a fellow crossfiters in class have have given me that extra little push I need to challenge myself. After the workout I’m like, “Wow! I did it!”

What are you most proud of (so far)?
Doing the 20.5 workout. I did all strict pull ups for that one. I had always scaled pull ups in a workout, but I just went for it. I ended up being the top performer on my team for that one!

What’s your favorite gym memory?
The OUTWOD workout during the Crossfit Games weekend. Being a person of the LGBT community it means a lot that the gym I belong to is truly inclusive to Everyone, and that they hosted the workout. It was an awesome experience!

What do you hope to accomplish next?
I have a lot of goals both short term and long term. They mostly involve gymnastics. I am close to getting Handstand push ups. Handstand walks and muscle ups are also on the list. I do have a lifting goal to be able to lift my bodyweight over my head.

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