James started at the gym through our 6 Week Intro to Fitness and Nutrition Program back in June. He has worked really hard and is killing it in classes! We are so thrilled to have you at the gym James!

What was the biggest struggle you had before signing up for the 6 Week Intro?
​Wondering if it was a good fit for me. I was so used to martial arts gyms and I wasn’t sure if this would be a good fit.

​What made you choose Recursive for your fitness and nutrition needs/goals?
​Location and availability of classes.

​What is the biggest thing you learned during those initial 6 weeks at the gym?
​Good technique for the various movements. I’ve heard about people saying that CrossFit causes injuries, but as I adhered to the good technique taught in Foundations and took to heart the corrections received during class, I felt much safer and healthier.

​What are you most proud of so far?
​Increasing my fitness level. I could barely do two classes in a week to start but now I’m up to three and hoping to get to for soon.

​What’s your favorite gym memory so far?
​Deadlift PR

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