Dan has been Personal Training very consistently at Recursive for almost 2 years. His husband started at the gym with group classes and we finally got Dan to come in as well! We talked and Dan’s goals lent themselves to having more success with Personal Training rather than group classes. He even kept up with his training every week during the quarantine through virtual PT!

Why did you choose Recursive?
Referrals from friends at a previous gym and some persistence from Nikole checking in with me:)

What is your favorite thing about working out virtually or in person at Recursive?
It’s forced me to continue having at least one good workout a week throughout COVID. With just some bands and hand weights at home, I was still able to get good workouts in and stretching during quarantine to help balance out the increased dessert consumption.

What advice do you have for people who are nervous to get started?

I think it’s important to understand what works well for you for motivation and output. Even if it doesn’t become your long-term strategy, any effort spent trying to be healthier¬†is time and money well-spent. The more you learn about what works for you, the better you’ll better be able to lead a healthy life in the future.
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