​To back up on how I found CrossFit was the search for strength and endurance in caring for my son Luke at times he will run in unsafe traffic unaware and will also fatigue where I have to lift him. He is getting bigger and much taller. It is more behavioral training that I utilize vs ‘lifting’ however again during quick moments of traffic, travel or out of routine where a lift is necessary for his own personal safety. I did my research in groups around town to find out where I may “fit in” to find a program and team that will work with my age, past injuries, post surgeries and develop modifications along with understanding & no judgement. I found Crossfit and the first day of the tour I was hooked. The location was also where back in the day when I did live here EKYP was in this building. I would bring Luke here for this project and was a fond positive memory. In talking with Nikole who made this tour more about the whole journey for health not just where I ‘fit in’ on a scale but all of my health; mind, body, heart, & spirit. I knew this would be the absolute perfect fit to bring me to where I want to be and need to be.

​Yesterday I took my first evening class to ‘power through’ the cervical biopsies I had done that morning….. well the ladies in the class fully accepted me and gave me full encouragement of just how ‘bad ass momma’ I am to show up and give it my all. The coach I had never met before completely did not judge nor give me any issues with modifying the work out. I was fully supported & encouraged and it just keeps on with everyone that I am meeting through CrossFit group in each work out!! I have been in full classes for 2 months now ever since school started and it is the most favorite part of my day!!

​That is just the beginning of my story and I really look forward to the transformation process I am going through during this journey. It is a process of balance, thriving, & looking forward to all the growth this will bring!!

​I did not follow the question time line but felt compelled to reply today. I cancelled my class as I am in pain today more so than yesterday. I had hoped to power through but physically it is just not happening today. I will take a long walk with the pupper dupper and be back at it next week!! I leave out of town for work on the rental this week…more painting starting Wednesday! I hope to wake up feeling better tomorrow so I may or may not make it to 9-10 a.m. depends on how I do in the morning.

​I am beyond grateful to have connected with CrossFit and I keep talking it up with everyone in my wingspan. : )

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