Barret started at Recursive a few months ago after hearing about the gym from his co-worker Jordan Rohlfing. He is very consistent attending the noon class and we are so glad to have him at the gym!

What was the biggest struggle you had before joining Recursive?
Accountability and effort. I had a gym membership and would too often find excuses not to go or to do one less rep than I had planned, etc. I was bored of my routine of hopping on a treadmill and then doing some random weight exercises. Knowing there is a coach expecting me to be at class and not wanting to “cheat” reps has erased those struggles.

What made you choose Recursive for your fitness needs/goals?
Convenient downtown location and class schedule.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned at the gym?
That it is OK to suck at something. The reason I did not start CrossFit earlier is that I assumed you needed to be super fit, know all the exercises, and that I’d just embarrass myself in class (I had never done a group exercise class before). Totally not the case at all.

What are you most proud of (so far)?
Showing up and sticking with it. My goal is to try and come 3 times per week and I feel like I have been hitting that goal.

What’s your favorite gym memory?
Doing my first group class. Was happy to find out that the class was filled with a bunch of nice people that also were not expert “CrossFitters” and made it such a positive experience.

What do you hope to accomplish next?
I’d like to do a Kipping pull-up. Currently I feel like I am a fish flopping around on the bar.

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