Ashley joined us this spring to work on gaining some strength and muscle for running!

I am a nursing student at MATC currently working on my RN. I have always loved to run and yoga but I wanted to join Recursive to put on muscle and gain strength because I was wildly unsuccessful at doing so myself.

I chose Recursive because it is very close to my apartment and I heard good things from my friend about this location. My favorite thing about working out at Recursive is that I get a creative workout I never would have put myself through on my own. I love the instructors too, I am still working on my form and it’s really nice to have coaches there to guide you.

In the last few months I don’t have much to complain about, nursing clinicals have been touch and go but everything has been manageable. My biggest accomplishment is gaining strength since I started at Recursive. I have been seeing upper and lower body muscles coming in and I feel stronger.

Recursive has changed my life by giving me skills in weight lifting and more confidence in my weight lifting. If anyone is nervous to start Recursive I would tell them as a runner and yogi this was way out of my comfort zone and it is a blast. You get an incredible workout and you scale the weight yourself so there is really nothing to be nervous about.

Something fun about myself is I lived in Boulder CO for 6 years and I love skiing, still navigating the Midwest ski game.

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