Alexander has been CrossFitting for a long time and has been at Recursive on and off for more than 3 years! He has been super consistent since moving back to town and has made great strides in his health and fitness goals. We are so proud of your hard work!

How did you find CrossFit Recursive?
From other awesome people who CrossFit.

What do you do with your life outside of the gym?
I’m a City Planner for Janesville for work – the commute sucks, but I really enjoy getting things like new city buses and bike paths to happen. It’s a tough city that’s been through a lot, but it’s really coming back in a big way. It kind of reminds me of CrossFit if CrossFit was a city, honestly; Amanda and I otherwise regularly foster senior dogs, so our house will generally have anywhere between 2 and 4 animals in it at any one time. It’s an adventure.

Do you have a sports/fitness background?
I did CrossFit sporadically before becoming a Recursive regular last year. I’ve also done multiple half-marathons and Ragnar Relays. Growing up, I was the kid coming last in everything in gym class, so it’s been really thrilling to actually be doing pretty good at some stuff in the gym 🙂

What prompted you to join Recursive?
The honest answer is pretty boring: it was the closest gym to me and Amanda. But I also knew other members prior to joining who absolutely loved it, and it met and exceeded expectations.

What is your favorite thing about Recursive?
How everyone cheers for everyone, even if they just got done with a WOD. The enthusiasm is contagious, and carries me through a lot of other aspects of life.

What friendships (and romantic relationships) have you formed at Recursive?
I’ve made a lot of friends and acquaintances at Recursive, honestly. Some of the most fun memories I have with my wife Amanda are doing partner WODs at the gym.

Who from Recursive inspires you?
After moving back to Madison from Wausau, Dan Ruge started about the same time as I did. That guy is a beast but doesn’t seem to realize it – we seem to often put up relatively similar scores on the leaderboard and often end up at the same classes, so I find he’s always a good person to push me at the gym. He’s a great athlete and a great friend.

What is a favorite or most proud moment at Recursive?
Actually getting a strict pull-up!! Also finally completing Murphy (that was my most proud, but far from my favorite moment)

How has Recursive changed your life?
Since joining Recursive since coming back from Wausau, I’ve found a new community that supports each other and have many great friends. I’ve also lost about 60 lbs since October ’18, and have felt a lot better about my own self image, which is something I’ve really struggled with for a long time.

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