Meg (and her younger brother) started with Personal Training at Recursive several years ago when Meg was a freshmen in high school. She went off to college but came back once the quarantine started and has been Personal Training with us as she keeps in shape and prepares for her collegiate rowing season!

I chose Recursive after trying a couple CrossFit gyms in the area and finding they weren’t quite the right fit. Recursive had a really different feel right away that made me want to stay.

My favorite thing about working out at Recursive is the community you feel during every group class, and the supportive coaches who will make sure you’re on the right track.

In the last few months, I struggled with finding a new fitness routine for my work schedule AND social distancing. Also, motivating myself away from my rowing team was a big adjustment.

In the last month, my biggest accomplishment has been fitting a morning workout into my crazy work schedule every day of the week, whether it’s at Recursive or jogging (my newfound quarantine hobby!)

Recursive changed my life by showing me that exercise for the sake of exercise (not for a sport) can be extremely rewarding and actually fun. It also showed me that with the right community, motivation, and support, it can feel easy.

For getting started, definitely ease yourself into it with intro classes or personal training. Don’t compare yourself to the fittest people in your class. Focus on setting new personal bests, not trying to get the best workout score in the class.

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