Do you ever look at a workout and find an excuse, ANY excuse to skip the workout that day? Do you avoid running or burpees because they are hard for you? Do you skip technique work because you struggle?

Did you ever take a moment to think about WHY don’t you like a movement or workout?

Most likely you skip workout with movements that are hard for you or ones you think you aren’t very good at. But these are the workouts you probably need to do do the most!

CrossFit is about being a good all around athlete. We don’t specialize – good at everything, excellent at nothing. (Sorry to burst your bubble…)

CrossFit is comprised of the best of all different athletic endeavors – Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Gymnastics, Rowing, Running, Kettlebells, and more. Everyone will have some strengths and weaknesses – CrossFit is designed to find those for you!

Everyone has strengths – and those are the movements we enjoy working on. We are good at those. They make us feel like we can do something. But the movements that are hard for us, our weaknesses, are also things we need to work on. These are the things we don’t like to do. No one likes being bad at something, coming in last, lifting the least amount of weight that day.

But here is my challenge to you – take your weakness and make it your strength. Make a list of the things that you struggle with, pick one and work on it until you are good at it. Then pick the next movement on the list and work on that one.

I have a list in my phone that I constantly work through. (Most of mine involve shoulder movement. So every day I do Crossover Symmetry and some extra shoulder mobility.)

The best way to work on your weaknesses is (SURPRISE!)  to work on your weaknesses. Don’t skip workouts because the movements are hard for you. Attack them!

At Recursive we make sure that our community is supportive of everyone. No one is going to be judging you as you work on those things – they will be applauding your continued effort to be better!

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