Leah joined Recursive through our 6 Week Intro to Fitness and Nutrition Program this past spring. Her boyfriend was already a CrossFitter, so Leah decided to give it a try!

What was the biggest struggle you had before signing up for the 6 Week Intro?
I would consider myself a pretty fit person, but I needed something that was going to take me to the next level, and Recursive was just that! The programming and overall challenge of classes keep me from hitting plateaus in my fitness journey.

What made you choose Recursive for your fitness and nutrition needs/goals?
I’ve tried a lot of other gyms and types of fitness activities, but Recursive offered a whole different look and feel to working out. I can be selective on which days I go based on what I was looking to get out of it. My current schedule is focused on power movements and strength building!

What is the biggest thing you learned during those initial 6 weeks at the gym?
How much more I can get out of a workout, and how much more my body can take. The classes seem intimidating, but once to dive in, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What are you most proud of so far?
That I’m a “CrossFitter”! I never thought I would say that because the movements are challenging and look terrifying to those who haven’t tried it!

What’s your favorite gym memory so far?
My favorite memory was within the first couple weeks of starting, being new to CrossFit movements, and totally crushing Power Cleans! It was a movement I’ve never done in my life, and I was hitting 110lb like I was made for it!

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