Micki Hill first came to the gym as a guest on a Bring a Friend Day. After that she joined our 12 Week New Year New You Challenge. That group had just a few weeks left when the gym had to physically close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may not have seen her at the gym (yet), but Micki has an incredible story – she has survived cancer 3 times! We are so honored to be part of her tribe.


I am a warrior. I carefully choose my positive circles of people and teams, as well as coaches, who surround me. And I recently chose to work with the team and coaches at CrossFit Recursive. It compliments the professional work I do for the state & the physical rehab I do (with UW Sports Med program). This is my team. These are my people.

Having been a student-athlete most of my childhood and young adult life I have led a privileged and sheltered life. But hard work, commitment, and discipline have been necessary as has strength, conditioning, training, and practice (alone and with my teams). These activities have been vital to my success in this big world. This has been my and my family’s been a way of life. My dad, “Coach Hill,” was one of my first coaches at a young age and is still my life coach.

Now I have new coaches in my life. They write my workouts. They help me scale. They hold me accountable. They motivate me. They give to me when my tank is empty. Actually, I even have virtual coaches who I would accidentally keep on “mute” sometimes (a little zoom humor). All in all during 2020, it is my roster of coaches who keep me motivated to stay healthy which allows me to coach and motivate professionals on the front line of health care.

So what’s my story? After playing two sports, basketball and golf, through my college years, I soon had to focus on my professional life—a life of giving to others as a nurse. But that didn’t stop my pursuit of personal health and happiness. I became a nurse helping those with life threatening conditions and injuries and then an early cancer survivor by the age of 25. Stress took its toll. I wasn’t healthy nor happy. I have had to endure nearly 20 surgeries and many rigorous treatments. As recent as 5 years ago, I prevailed in my last battle. And I am healthier and happier for it. And a stronger nurse.

Now a 3 time cancer survivor, I have lived double that age. My rehab has always included sports medicine. Some 18 months ago I came to CrossFit Recursive at bring a friend day. I said to my coworker, almost half my age, “If you can carry us on the burpees I can carry us on the squats and rowing.” And then a new coach got in my space….and yelled at me! Pushed me to the limits! I was later encouraged to return to Recursive and joined the New Year New You Challenge in January 2020. I survived through March. I came. I worked hard. I didn’t give up.

I joined the online group and as my time at the gym dwindled due to the current health crisis. I realized this notion of social distancing was nothing new to me and preservation of health. Actually, it’s not just being disciplined to show up and the scaling of the workouts which have helped, but it’s the memory of the infectious laugh of Coach Stephanie, the yell of Coach Dirk to focus on my technique, or the encouraging messages left online or in voicemail by Coach Nikole that have helped me to persevere. It helps me keep my life stress in perspective. It helps to motivate me when I have run out of self-motivation. 

  • Never Give Up.
  • Do what you can.
  • Don’t stop believing.
  • Remain true to yourself, your health.

Your team and your coaches will carry you through these times and help to provide you with the encouragement and guidance you need.

The rest is up to YOU!

It’s periods like this that help us, who have made the commitment with Recursive, to get ahead of the world from the physical and mental health perspective. The coaches will get you there. The rest is up to you…and your sheer intestinal fortitude.

I’ll never say I can’t do this or that, but I’ll show up, take what the coaches give me and say “this is what I can do.”

Can you?

#NeverGiveUp #KudosCoaches #CrossfitRecursivePerservere

I am a warrior—ask yourself, are you?

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