What makes you different than any other gym?
At Recursive, you don’t get to read a magazine on the treadmill for countless hours with nothing to show for it. You’re coached by a certified trainer alongside a community of kickass athletes for an hour of working your butt off.

You also get to lift heavy stuff (we’ll even teach you how!) without getting into trouble when you drop weights on the floor. Don’t expect to find walls of mirrors in our facility either. We focus on how you lift, not how you look.

Do I have to be in shape to start at the gym?
Nope! The whole reason you come to the gym is to GET in shape. Come as you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. We will help you along every step of your journey to get better.

Can I bring my kids with me while I work out?
The answer is yes! As busy parents ourselves, it’s very important that our facility gives you NO excuses to miss a class, which is why we offer two dedicated kids areas. So your kids can play or do homework while you’re putting in work at the gym!

I’ve never done anything like this before – will it be too hard for me?
We understand that some people don’t yet realize just how strong they are and what their bodies are capable of accomplishing. Some people are intimidated by barbells and heavy weights. Some people feel like they have a long way to go to meet their personal goals.

That’s why we offer several ways to get started at our gym, depending on your comfort level. You can enroll in our One-on-One Foundations Program which will take you through the fundamental movements, teach you gym etiquette, and start to get you in shape to join regular small group classes.

If you are more comfortable in a one on one setting, we can set up Private Training Sessions for you as well. Same great workouts, individualized for you. You and a Coach will work together to reach all of your goals.

I’m a member of another CrossFit gym. Is if cool if I drop in for a class?
If you’ve done CrossFit before, we’d love to have you visit! Just contact us beforehand and show up at least 15 minutes ahead of the class so we can give you the tour and have you sign a few waivers. Cost for the class is $25 per person per class. * Please Note – We do NOT offer Open Gym Time for Drop Ins. *

If you would like to pay upfront for multiple classes:
2 Classes – $45
3 Classes – $65
4 classes – $85
Unlimited 7 Consecutive Day Pass – $100

Apparel is available at an additional cost.

Is it worth the money?
You get what you pay for. We certainly aren’t the cheapest gym in town. And we might not be for everyone. We offer One-on-One Personal Training, Small Group Classes, Remote Coaching, and Nutrition Coaching – all led by a certified instructor. Plus  we have a great community or supportive, like-minded people and a fabulous facility in a convenient location with tons of amenities. Book a free No Sweat Intro and come in and see for yourself!

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