I had such a wonderful experience working with Nikole and the Nutrition Program through CrossFit Recursive, and owe my current state to it!

I sought out the Nutrition Program at Recursive because I had fallen off the horse – the healthy-eating, wellness horse, that is. I stopped coming to the gym regularly and was eating whatever was most convenient at the time, both contributing a lack of self-confidence and the creation of mindless habits.

I was provided the support I needed from day one with an easygoing approach in learning to eat not only better, but smarter. From weekly check-ins, additional support in meal-prepping plans, and a little oversight along the way, I am proud to say I lost six pounds and 4.3% body fat in only four weeks!

Yes, I lost weight, but I gained healthy eating habits and accountability to myself, which will help me continue down this path of wellness. Thank you Nikole and CrossFit Recursive for helping me achieve such awesome results!!

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