Calli and her cousin Bebe did Personal Training at Recursive the whole last semester of her senior year of college! She did great – and now we wish her well as she starts her career in New York!

My biggest struggle before signing up for Personal Training was actually making the decision to fully commit and to make time in my schedule to see the commitment through.

I chose Recursive for my fitness needs/goals because based on my previous experience with CrossFit several years ago, I was certain that it would be the best/most effective workout for me. I was thrilled to see that there are several CrossFit locations in Madison, but I ultimately chose Recursive because it was closest to me downtown, and I was able to “vet” the gym by looking through the very accessible Recursive website and Instagram.

The biggest thing I’ve learned at the gym is to accept every challenge that comes my way. There are always those days where I don’t feel like working out, or don’t feel like adding more weight when I know that I can do more, or just want to give up in the middle of the workout. But by learning to accept every challenge as an opportunity to grow, I feel like I’ve really pushed myself in and out of the gym.

I’m most proud of my commitment to my weekly workouts. By signing up for the Personal Training package in advance, I was able to hold myself accountable and to ensure that I showed up to every scheduled session.

My favorite gym memory was when Bebe and I rowed 10,000 meters for about 50 minutes straight … NOT! (Bebe cried through most of it.) My favorite memory at Recursive was getting to work with and hang with Coach Nikole three times a week. She is the BEST!


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